Once Upon a 'Yao Lan'...

Take a look at the fascinating gallery pulled from #ivecotyou below.

Let's reminisce how our cloth cradles were same same, but different in the 80s and 90s!  Do check back for more as we collate more entries from the public.

You can support this initiative by:

1) Take a snapshot of old photograph(s) of yourself in the traditional 'yao lan', which is mounted from the ceiling, and manually rocked!
Tag #ivecotyou, best if you add a caption of the story behind this photo!


2) Use the upload service on the right -->

***Please wait while the thumbnail samples load at the bottom of this page. :)



Via Facebook:

- Post to your profile with #ivecotyou,

'Like' and Tag our Page @ishoothabits

- If shy, you can message and attach the image ;)



Via Instagram:

- Post to your public profile with #ivecotyou and tag @ivecotyou! 

It's that simple!

This project is supported by 
Our SG Fund (MCCY), Noise Singapore, National Youth Council YoungChangeMakers (NYC YCM), Meng Sheng Trading Pte Ltd.

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