'Yao Lan' Museum

It started from my own family. One day, I asked Mum about the cradle cloth and spring from the past that my Sis and I used. 


I realised just like my family, some would keep bits and pieces of this slice of memory from the 80s and 90s... or even from the 50s!

If you would like to share your #blastfromthepast, do write in or  hashtag 
#ivecotyou / tag @icotyou. See samples in the gallery below.


Best if you add a caption of the story behind the 'relic' that you can share!

Please wait while the thumbnails load at the bottom of this page. :)



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- If shy, you can message and attach the image ;)



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It's that simple!

This project is supported by 
Our SG Fund (MCCY), Noise Singapore, National Youth Council YoungChangeMakers (NYC YCM), Meng Sheng Trading Pte Ltd.

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